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Soothe Sessions

Neveskin Soothe Sessions represent a significant enhancement to our existing protocol suite, specifically tailored to alleviate discomfort. These sessions are exclusively conducted using a specialized manual wand, ensuring targeted and effective application.

Within the Neveskin Soothe portfolio, there are ten distinct protocols available, each meticulously developed to address a wide range of universal indications, offering comprehensive solutions for soothing and relaxation.

Soothe Protocols

The Soothe protocol portfolio was developed in conjunction with  health professional, and licensed Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Kay Minniear.

These protocols have been specifically designed to help reduce discomfort. 

Throughout Dr. Kay Minniear’s testing, the majority of the protocols within this portfolio demonstrated a greater than 38% reduction in pain, and no protocol scored less than 57% self-reported protocol effectiveness by clients! Dr. Kay’s original report of findings for this project can be found here.

  • Help to manage discomfort, aches, soothe inflammation and encourage athletic performance.

  • Pre and Post -Bodywork Technique – This protocol is for clients receiving bodywork like massage, manual therapy, chiropractic care, joint manipulation, etc., either before and/or after.

  • Short-Term Techniqueis designed for clients dealing with soreness or discomfort within 3 days of the injury

  • Mid-Term Technique – is for clients dealing with soreness or discomfort for 4 days to 8 weeks prior to Soothe protocols.

  • Long-Term Techniqueis designed for clients with a history of chronic soreness or discomfort ranging from 8 weeks to years prior to receiving Soothe Protocols.

  • Head and Neck Technique – is for clients reporting head and neck discomfort, migraines, or sinus pressure.

  • Small Joint Technique – is for clients with overuse areas of discomfort, tendonitis, or short-term discomfort to a small joint. Small joints consist of elbows, ankles, or wrists.

  • Large Joint Technique – is for clients with overuse areas of discomfort, tendonitis, or short-term injury to a large joint. Large joints consist of shoulders, hips, or knees.

  • Pre-Performance Technique – is designed for clients performing sports or exercise within 2-3 hours of their treatment.

  • Post-Performance Technique – is for clients or athletes and application of the protocol should be within 0-3 hours after their workout or performance.


Jen C.

Account Manager


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Chrissy K.

Real Estate


I wasn’t sure what to think of medical weight loss, but I’ve been on medications for several months now and I have more energy to work out.

Robert F

Software Developer


Testosterone pellets changed my life and saved my marriage.  Before pellets, I was exhausted and worn out all the time.  Now I feel like I’m 30 again.

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